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Customize design & fill it with unlimited number of your online presence places – messengers, social media, blogs, website, store & every other platforms & services. Update it in any time for seconds.

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Get branded short link to put it wherever your online audience inhabits – Instagram/TikTok bio, Facebook/Twitter posts, Youtube channel etc. Also use our native solution to get customized QR code & put it on your offline materials.

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Give people any way to contact you, deliver them all your important content, products & services. Facilitate connection with your clients & followers, growing loyalty & increasing multichannel engagement.

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Put Linky Page link with your (company/brand) name on Instagram Bio & any other Social Media & Web resources. Linky Page units all contact & content channels for quick and easy information access for your followers & clients.

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With every Linky Page, you get dynamic QR code. Customize it, download and put on every surface. Edit Linky Page link without replacing QR code, any Page’ changes will be synchronized with it automatically! Linkypage makes all your materials «clickable»!

Linky page deep design & customization
Different Linky page template types
Page’s background, buttons, text & links design
Unlimited number of links per page with great features
All social media icons to add
Embed a video
Detailed analytics from your Linky pages & links
Views, link clicks & CTR statistics by every time period
Geolocation (discover countries driving traffic to your Linky pages)
Referrers (discover websites driving traffic to your Linky pages)
Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel & UTM parameters for more tracking power
Additional features to empower your Linky page
Linky page availability control +  every link timetable setting
Dynamic QR code feature for offline Page scanning
Sensitive material warning feature
Folders to organize a large number of special Linky pages

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